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I've been there, many times...  I can help you easily find your next home, while you make that next move; even if you are a first-time homebuyer. My goal is to make the process stress-free and affordable, so you can focus on what matters.


“I loved, loved, LOVED working with Keishla. She is always on point with everything. And I say “is” and not “was” because she’s still helping me! I purchased my house last year, and still to this day she continues to be extremely helpful and there whenever I need her. She’s so incredibly funny and open with communication. Her friendliness is something that I definitely appreciate, it’s never awkward with her, in my opinion of course. But we sent this woman on a full on scavenger hunt to look for the perfect house for us. Not only was she patient she was resilient and hardworking! Thank you so much Keishla! You’re the best!

~ Morna M.

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Want to know more about buying a home using your military benefits?


I've learned that connecting with our local community, especially our military one, is important for resilience. I am honored to share with you what I have gleaned along the way, and the valuable resources available to you. Getting to work with other military families is my favorite part of the job. Maybe because it feels like I am working with my family. We want the best for our loved ones, and that's the level of care I offer my clients. I truly care about your experience and how you connect to your new home. I'm not your typical real estate agent, and you'll see that I do things a little differently. My unique approach to real estate is geared towards you being knowledgable and confident about the financial investment you are embarking on. You are not just purchasing a home. Real estate is a financial tool that can be empowering and life-changing. It's an American Dream, and who deserves that more than you.

Let me share with you what I have learned, to make it simple from beginning to end... and even after.

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I know first hand the importance of having the right agent. Let's talk about special loan programs available to you and discounts I offer exclusively to my buyers and sellers. My goal is not only to provide the best service to my clients, but to make it truly affordable.

I specialize in helping Veterans and first-time home buyers in the fort Liberty area make their home Purchase more affordable. Let me show you how!